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Mel Blanc is a hero, of sorts, to me. His broad abilities and vast talent contributed to my love of animation and voice acting. Mark Evanier recently posted on his website at News From ME a video clip his friend, Bob "Porky Pig" Bergen
had pointed out to him. This clip shows a side of Blanc few have ever seen:

his larynx, or more specifically, his vocal cords.

Bob Bergen has been kind enough to publicly share some personal audio of Mel Blanc and others here.

Mel Blanc in an American Express Commercial

Mel Blanc in G.I.Journal

Warning: The Private Snafu cartoons were written during a time of war and intended for military personnel and not for public distribution. They may be considered propaganda and racist. Please view them from an historical perspective.

Go here for a complete list of Private Snafu shorts. By the way, the more polite, less crass representaion of the acronym S.N.A.F.U. (i.e. politically correct) is Situation Normal, All Fouled Up. However, Fouled represents another word.

For downloads of Private Snafu go here.

Mel Blanc as Private Snafu - Spies

Mel Blanc as Private Snafu - The Home Front

Mel Blanc as Private Snafu - Booby Traps

Mel Blanc as Private Snafu - Snafuperman

Mel Blanc as Private Snafu - A Lecture on Camouflage

Mel Blanc as Savings Bond and Arthur Lake as Mr. Hook in "Tokyo Woes"

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