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Hi-Fidelity Star Trek Quartet Part 1

Hi-Fidelity Star Trek Quartet Part 2


:: MTV | Weird Al Yankovic - Ringtone

:: MTV | Weird Al Yankovic - Ringtone

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It's A Weird Al Yankovic Kinda Day


"Skipper Dan"

The following is a promo for alsbrain.com, which promotes "Al's Brain" (a 3-D journey through the human brain with "Weird Al" Yankovic). Al's Brain makes its premiere at the Orange County Super Fair (July 10 - August 9, 2009) and will moves on to the Puyallup Fair in September (other dates and locations to be announced).

Disclaimers: Al did not write or perform the song in this promo, and the "Al's Brain in 3-D" movie (which is mostly live action) bears no resemblance at all to this video.

The Adventures of Al's Brain



When That's All You Can Stand . . .

This is from comedian/songwriter Rob Paravonian, the "Pachelbel's Rant" guy. It's a song for the over-sharers, the people who can't use social networking sites in moderation, and one of the reasons I don't use instant messaging. "I Just Want To Hear Less From You" is available on his new CD "Songs From The Second Floor."

"I Just Want To Hear Less From You"

"Pachelbel Rant"

400th Anniversary of Galileo's Telescope

How many other objects can claim to have affected humanity to the extent of Galileo's telescope? How many other objects still have an impact on our lives after 400 years of daily use in one form or another? While Galileo didn't invent the telescope, he was the first to point it at the sky and ask, "What is there beyond the Earth?"

Follow this link to view the New York Times Video of the uncrating of Galileo's 400 year old telescope.


Alfred Hitchcock, August 13, 1899

It may be 110 years since his birth, but if you stop the typical man-in-the-street and ask what his favorite Hitchcock film is he has nearly ninety from which to choose, but he'll likely have a favorite.

Here is Part 1 of a BBC Television interview with Alfred Hitchcock first shown on "Monitor" (1964). Part 2 follows and after that is Hitch's appearance as a mystery guest on "What's My Line?"

Part 1

Part 2

"What's My Line?"

Recreating History with the Sands of Time

Master sand-carver John Gowdy re-creates the beheading of Anne Boleyn. This is an ad for Showtimes, "The Tudors", but it doesn't intrude on the quality or craftsmanship of Gowdy's work with a difficult medium.


Mickey Katz parodies Davy Crockett with "Duvid Crockett, King of Delancy Street"

The wonderful thing about the internet is the serendipity of discovery. I was reading Mark Evanier's blog, News From Me, and he had posted a segment of the Hollywood Palace from March 27, 1965. It was Tony Randall introducing Allan Sherman performing his parody of Petula Clark's "Downtown" entitled "Crazy Downtown." I watched and enjoyed that piece, one thing led to another and I came across "Duvid Crockett, King of Delancy Street" by Mickey Katz.

Now I'd never heard of Mickey Katz, but I gather he was a great jewish yiddish entertainer who received his first moments of fame in the 1940s as a member of Spike Jones and His City Slickers. There he was known for his "glugging" vocal sound effects on tunes like "Cocktails for Two" and "Hawaiian War Chant". Katz later went on to perform his own musical review and record highly popular "ethnic" comedy albums on the Capitol label where he would perform English-Yiddish parody songs.

Katz son is Broadway legend, Joel Grey, and his granddaughter is actress Jennifer Grey. The video that follows is Katz parody of the 50's Disney tv theme song to "Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier." Have fun!

"Duvid Crockett, King of Delancy Street"


E! Videos from Comic-Con 2009

Here is a link to some videos created at the 2009 Comic-Con in San Diego including the following: Adam Baldwin and Zackary Levi from "Chuck" along with Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku from "Dollhouse."
E! Videos from Comic-Con 2009

And here we have Comic-Con attendees so filled with joy it just has to come out of their feet. Here is a video compiled by The Duct Tape Jedi: