I Remember Groucho

When I was in high school, I talked my way into a party by creating an homage to Groucho Marx. I call it an homage, some might call it a blatant rip-off, but what I did was memorize bits of business, snippets of songs, and pieces of pomposity centered on Groucho's appearances in the movies and on television appearances. For that night at that party I would be the one, the only, Groucho Marx! I did not fail miserably, only mildly! Fortunately for the entertainment industry, I opened and closed in the same night.

August 19th marks the 30th Anniversary of the death of Groucho Marx, which was over-shadowed by the death of Elvis Presley as reported by Mark Evanier here and here.

CBS Sunday Morning created a segment about Groucho which is in print here.

And now, without further ado (because too much adew gets things awfully wet) I present: Groucho Marx. Adieu.

2007-08-19 CBS Sunday Morning

"Duck Soup"

You Bet Your Life October 11, 1956:
Groucho Marx & Lord Buckley

The Dick Cavett Show September 5, 1969: "Lydia, the Tatooed Lady"

"Animal Crackers": "Hello, I Must Be Going"


Endless Summer

As we near the end of summer, I wanted to share a few videos of the group that embodies Summer: The Beach Boys! Enjoy.

Wouldn't It Be Nice

Good Vibrations

God Only Knows

Sloop John B

California Girls


California Dreamin


Fond Childhood Memory

LikeTelevision Embed Movies and TV Shows

I was six years old during the Christmas of 1973. Time has faded the memory of what Santa brought, save for the Electro Shot Game by Marx Toys. To me it was like having an arcade in my own home! Thirty-four years late, I don't recall if the Electro Shot broke down or if my mother disposed of it in a yard sale, but I sure remember it was fun while it lasted.


Stan Freberg Turns 81 on August 7th

The following are bits and pieces of Stan Freberg's career. If you don't know who Stan Freberg is now's your chance to further your education.

Dump TV on Stan's 80th Birthday

Winding Down The Vietnam War

Jeno's Pizza Rolls Ad written by Stan Freberg (cameo by Tonto & The Lone Ranger.)