Alfred Hitchcock, August 13, 1899

It may be 110 years since his birth, but if you stop the typical man-in-the-street and ask what his favorite Hitchcock film is he has nearly ninety from which to choose, but he'll likely have a favorite.

Here is Part 1 of a BBC Television interview with Alfred Hitchcock first shown on "Monitor" (1964). Part 2 follows and after that is Hitch's appearance as a mystery guest on "What's My Line?"

Part 1

Part 2

"What's My Line?"

Recreating History with the Sands of Time

Master sand-carver John Gowdy re-creates the beheading of Anne Boleyn. This is an ad for Showtimes, "The Tudors", but it doesn't intrude on the quality or craftsmanship of Gowdy's work with a difficult medium.