Code Monkey On My Back

We've all experienced it, hearing a snappy tune, and then we can't get it out of our heads. I was listening to Amber MacArthur and Leo Laporte on their Net At Night podcast. Amber was speaking about a song she been introduced to last summer called Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton. As they use to say on American Bandstand , it has a nice beat, it's easy to dance, I'd give it a 98! Amber and Leo talked about the Code Monkey Remix Contest and Leo played a bit of the winning entry by Kristen Shirts and one of the runner-up entries by Ken Wagman, both of which I liked. You can hear the original and all of the winners here. I've even found three different concert performances of Code Monkey by Coulton on YouTube, a lively one here, a more sedate one here, and the Ukulele Remix version performed live with Kristen Shirts here. I also enjoyed a young lady performing a well thought-out Code Monkey Dance. If you'd like to see an interview with Jonathan Coulton conducted by Merlin Mann go here.

But now I've got a problem: I've got a Code Monkey on my back! I find myself unconsciously humming the song, it runs through my mind as I try to go to sleep, It's ruining my life! Curse you Coulton, you and your catchy Code Monkey!