Monsters vs. Aliens in 3-D

Coming this Sunday during the Super Bowl is "Monsters vs. Aliens" in 3-D. Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogan, Rainn Wilson and Hugh Laurie star. The film will be released on March 27th 2009.

Monsters vs. Aliens in 3-D

Monsters vs. Aliens trailer #1

Monsters vs. Aliens trailer #2


Mary Tyler Moore - Gag Me With A Reel

These are the gag reels from the final season of the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Gag reel from the final season, part 1

Gag reel from the final season, part 2


Moosebutter, Harry Potter and John Williams

Masters of musical mayhem, moosebutter is an award winning four-man comedy a cappella group or a cappella comedy group(Chris, Weston, Tim, Glen, and Jeremiah). Their awards include: Contemporary A Cappella Society(Best Comedy Song, 2004), The Harmony Sweepstakes (2003 International Finals runners-up.)Their music is included on compilation albums (Doctor Demento Basement Tapes 2005, Sing II 2005) and they perform live shows in front of audiences around the United States. Their close harmony and eclectic humor have wowed audiences through two albums and many more live performances. To learn more go here.

Harry Potter (to the tune of "Pretty Woman"


Harry Potter, you live beneath the stairs.
Harry Potter, you've got unruly hair.
Harry Potter, the giant Hagrid he comes to call
You're not a Muggle after all

Harry Potter, you've got a cloaking cape
Harry Potter, beware Professor Snape
Harry Potter, up in the tower you have your room
You started flying on a broom

Harry Potter I'm quite sure
You'll like your life in Gryffindor
Harry Potter, you cast your spell on me
Harry Potter, when school starts
You'll fight against the darker arts
Harry Potter you cast your spell on me

Harry Potter, your books are super keen,
I love your bogey-flavored jelly bean.
Harry Potter, you're playin' Quidditch up in the sky
But just beware the evil eye.
(Voldemort! Aaah!)

Harry Potter, I think you will go far
Harry Potter, I dig your facial scar
Harry Potter, when you grow up what will you be?
When will you marry Hermione?
(Book Seven)
(I do...ha ha... I'm so pretty..ha ha..

Harry Potter, please don't end
Harry Potter, you're my friend
Harry Potter, I'll miss you when you're gone

Harry Potter, let me look
At the end of the seventh book
I gotta know how things turn out for you

Harry Potter

Moosebutter's Tribute to John Williams


[Close Encounters of the Droid Kind]
You must use the force (repeat ad nauseum)

[Raiders of the Lost Wookiee]
Long time ago, far far away (repeat)

Kiss a wookie, kick a droid
Fly the falcon through an asteroid
Till the princess is annoyed
This is spaceships, it's monsters, it's Star Wars, we love it!

Come and help me, Obi Wan
X-wing fighter and a blaster gun
Dance with Ewoks, oh what fun!
This is spaceships, it's monsters, it's Star Wars, we love it!

[Super Han]
Get in there you big, furry oaf
I couldn't care less what you smell
I take orders from only me
Maybe you'd like it back in your cell
Your Highness, your worshipfulness, your highness, your worshipfulness

No one cares if you upset a droid
(nobody cares if you upset a droid)
That's because droids don't tear your arms out of socket.
(nobody cares)
I suggest a new strategy: let the Wookie win
That's because nobody cares if you upset a droid.

[ET the DiscoTerrestrial]
Now we listen to Luke whining:
One more season... One more season... One more season... One more season...

I was gonna go to Tashi Station for power converters
Now I guess I'm going nowhere.
It just isn't fair.

[Jaws: the Wookiee]
Wooookie (repeat)

Someone move this walking carpet (repeat)

Kiss your brother, Kiss your brother (repeat)

Princess Leia
Well I guess you don't know anything about women.

Who's your daddy? (repeat)

[Jurassic Darth]
Luke, I'm your father
(That's not true!)
It is useless to resist
(My hand!)
Come with me my son, We will rule
(I'll never join you!)
Search your feelings it is true

So you have a twin sister
Who Obi Wan was wise to hide
(Is that Leia?)
If you will not turn
Then perhaps she will
Give in to your hate
You are mine

Long Long Long Time ago... Far Far Far Far Away

Long Long Long Time Ago, Far Far Far Away (repeat)

Kiss a wookie
Kick a droid
Fly the falcon
Through an asteroid
Till the princess is annoyed
(She's annoyed!)
This is spaceships, it's monsters, it's Star Wars, we love it, it's true

Episode 3
Coming to you
In 2005

So Let's go
(go go go to the movies)
Stand in line
(buy buy buy me some popcorn)
Cause it's al-
(please I'd like extra butter)
most the time
(Join the dark side...)
May the Force be with you all

John Williams is the man

Time for Some Campaignin'

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Watch for the "voter" near the end.

Weird Al "Do I Creep You Out?"

From 11/16/2006

Weird Al Yankovic stars in this parody of American Idol's Taylor Hicks.


Patrick Joseph McGoohan (March 19, 1928 – January 13, 2009

Patrick Mcgoohan was a two-time Emmy winning American born actor, raised in Ireland and England. He had a broad stage career and rose to fame in the British film and TV industry by starring in the 1960s television series Danger Man (renamed Secret Agent when exported to the US) [2], the cult classic The Prisoner and Mel Gibson's Oscar winning epic Braveheart as Edward Longshanks. Occasionally using the pseudonyms Joseph Serf and Paddy Fitz, McGoohan wrote and directed several episodes of The Prisoner.

"Danger Man" Opening Titles

"The Prisoner" Opening Titles

Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán y Merino (November 25, 1920 – January 14, 2009)

Best known for his role as Khan Noonien Singh in Star Trek, as Mr.Roarke in Fantasy Island, and as a spokesman for the Chrysler Cordoba and its ". . . fine Corinthian leather." Here are a few sides of the many facets of Ricardo Montalban.

1975 Chrysler Cordoba ad

Cyd Charisse and Ricardo Montalban dance

Ah Kirk, my old friend, do you know the Klingon proverb that tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold. It is very cold in space.

Fantasy Island TV Show Opening Theme Season One 1978

Fantasy Island intro/opening theme - Season 3

The following is an excerpt of an interview conducted in 2002.

Archive Excerpt

To view the entire interview go
here, or


Coraline, In Bits and Pieces

If you want an opinion about this film without spoilers go here and read what Mark Evanier has to say about the film.

What followers are S*P*O*I*L*E*R*S*!

This movie is based on Neil Gaiman's international best-selling book and is written for the movie screen and directed by Henry Selick, who also directed THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. This stop-motion animated adventure is the first to be originally filmed in 3D.

Coraline Jones (Dakota Fanning) is disgusted and dismayed by her new home until she discovers a secret door behind the headboard of her bed which leads her to a parallel, but altered world. At first, Coraline is intrigued and delighted by the similarities and improvements to her real life, but when this seemingly perfect world begins to unravel at the seams and her "Other" parents (played by Teri Hatcher and John Hodgman) attempt to ensnare her permanently, Coraline must draw on talents she never knew she had to break free and rescue her family. The film will be in Theatres Feb. 6th

Coraline - sneak

Coraline- the trailer

The Story of Coraline

Henry Selick and Neil Gaiman Bring Coraline to Life

Crafting the World of Coraline

Really Small Hair

Miniature Knitter

The Biggest Smallest Movie

Neil Gaiman speaks on the evolution of Coraline

Coraline in the Higher Dimensions

Meet the Inhabitants of Coraline's World

Puppet POV


The Lighter Side of Bush

On January 20th, the reign of "King George" will end and the United States of America can begin the long process of rebuilding our nation and our reputation. This Bush is for you.

George Walker Bush


"Watchmen" mini-featurette," X-Men Origins" trailer

Here is a four minute featurette on "Watchmen."

Watchmen Exclusive

X-Men Origins

Guy Williams - Zorro, Prof. Robinson, and cousin Will Cartwright.

In today's videos, lets look back at an under-rated actor who is fondly remembered - Guy Williams was born on January 14, 1924, as Armand Joseph Catalano by his family) of Italian parentage, at the Fort George area in New York City.

On May 7th, 1989 the local police found his body in his apartment in La Recoleta, Argentina. finding his dead body. He had suffered a brain aneurysm a week before that day. He was still wearing the characteristic Zorro's sideburns and mustache when they found him.

While best known for his roles in "Zorro" (1957-1959) and "Lost in Space" (1965-1968), Williams career might have taken a completely different path if Pernell Roberts had left "Bonanza" in 1964. Williams returned to Hollywood to resume his career, and was added to the cast of the NBC's hit TV series "Bonanza" (1959-1973) as Ben's nephew, Will Cartwright. Pernell Roberts (Adam Cartwright), planned to leave the show at the end of the 1964 season, overlapping with Williams for five episodes, with Williams replacing Roberts' in the four-Cartwright format. Instead, Roberts decided late in the season to stay for one more year before departing. The episode in which the woman "Adam" was originally going to marry was rewritten so that she wound up unexpectedly choosing to leave with "Will Cartwright" instead, with Adam's selfless blessing. The popular series ran for nine more years.

The following are some of what we remember best about Guy Williams, his charm, his athleticism, his love of life.

Walt Disney introduces Zorro

Walt Disney Introduces El Zorro to the Mouseketeers

Zorro promo

Don Diego becomes Zorro

What it takes to be a hero

The swordsmanship of Guy Williams as Zorro

Annette Funicello singing "Lonely Guitar" in the Zorro series episode, "The Mystery of Don Cabrillo"

Wildlife Conservation with Zorro and Guy Williams

Guy Williams Screen Test - Lost In Space