Looking Back: A Blast At Films From The Past

As we approach the end of the year, the common thing to do is to look back at natural disasters, political events, and entertainment events that have shaped the futures of people across the globe. Without a doubt, Top 10 Lists and The-Year-In-Review articles and television shows will be popping up in about a week. Until then, I want you to turn you attendtion to How It Should Have Ended , a site in which a crew of talented people have animated their concerns and ideas on how movies should have ended.

Go here to know more about the people who worked so hard to share their humor.

Links to the film parodies
It's A Wonderful Life


Dealing With Aliens

Dead Mans Chest

Lord of the Rings


Matrix Revolutions

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Blair Witch


Weird Science

Star Wars: A New Hope

Willy Wonka