Bugs Bunny as a Beautician

Hare-Raising Hare 1946

Water Water Every Hare 1952

Did you ever get the feeling that the eyes of strange, eerie, things were upon you?

Looney Tunes Halloween Treat

Happy Halloween! Beany and Cecil - "Beany and the Boo Birds"

Here's a treat from Bob Clampett's cartoon, Beany and Cecil, "Beany and the Boo Birds"


Slowing Things Down

In this hectic, frantic, chaotic world we sometime need to stop and smell the roses. If you can't stop, at least slow down enough to watch these slo-motion videos.

Fireworks Launch

Burning Match

50 caliber slug vs.

Time Warp collection from The Discovery Channel


Group photo on VoiceLympics Cruise

This photo was taken on September 21st, 2009. I'm on the landing, in the gray suit, surrounded by the ladies.Group photo on VoiceLympics Cruise.

Once Upon A Time - The Super Heroes

This is a documentary made in 2002 about the creation and evolution of comic book superheroes,featureing many of the creators, writers & artists behind the characters.