Walt Disney World Hollywood Studio Christmas Lights

Taken on November 29th 2008 at Disney's Hollywood Studios

2008 Osbourne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Walt Disney Hollywoood Studios - 5 million lights set to music -- Videotaped on November 28, 2008


Waving Goodbye To 2009

Here is a video created by Whirled Interactive giving 2009 a Google Wave sendoff.


2009 Top 10 TV Ads per Time Magazine

These are the Top Ten Tv ads for 2009 according to Time Magazine.

#10- General Motors Re:invent

#9- Shelter.org.uk

#8- Budweiser Bud Light

#7- Travelers Insurance

#6- American Express

#5- Toyota Prius

#4- CareerBuilder.Com

#3- Coca-Cola

#2- Hulu, An Evil Plot

#1- Evian Babies Roller Skating


Roy Zimmerman Does The Holidays . . .Differently

"I Won't Be Home for Christmas"

"Hula Yule"

"O Amazon"

"A Merry American Christmas"



Roy Edward Disney, (January 10, 1930 December 16, 2009)

Roy Disney was a longtime senior executive for The Walt Disney Company, which his father, Roy Oliver Disney and his uncle Walt Disney founded. At the time of his death he was a shareholder with over 16 million shares or about 1% and served as a consultant for the company and Director Emeritus for the Board of Directors. He is perhaps best known for organizing the ousting of two top Disney executives: first, Ron Miller in 1984, and then Michael Eisner in 2005


It's A Weird Al Yankovic Holiday Double Feature

"The Night Santa Went Crazy" W*A*R*N*I*N*G* NOT for viewing by the kiddies!

"It's Christmas at Ground Zero"

New Songs for the Holidays.

Mormon Senator Orrin Hatch in a video of the making of his song: "Eight Days of Hanukkah."

In response to the song Sen. Orrin Hatch wrote, "Eight Days of Hannukah," Max Weinberg of the Tonight show wrote "A Song for the Mormons."


Tunes on the Tesla Coil.

The Masters of Lightning--Steve Ward, Jeff Larson & Terry Blake--play "Hot Buttered Popcorn" on the twin Musical Tesla Coils at Penguicon in Troy, MI 4/19/08

The Masters of Lightning-Steve Ward, Jeff Larson & Dr. Zeus (Terry Blake)-play the Dr. Who theme song with the Zeusaphones at Duckon 18 in Naperville, IL 06/2009

ArcAttack plays the Dr. Who Theme on the Flux Capacitor at Afterlife in Dallas. 3/21/09


Holiday Shopping for the Tech Inclined

Join Amber MacArthur, photographer & blogger Rannie Turingan and Intel Canada to discuss how to get creative with your holiday snapshots & videos. Originally aired this Friday (Dec 4/09) NOTE: Audio gets flaky at times.


"Christmas Is Pain" by Roy Zimmerman

It's the holiday season,so we have Roy Zimmerman performing a parody of Bob Dylan.