Wally Wingert's AckerMansion and More

Over at his excellent blog, News From Me, Mark Evanier embedded a YouTube video of voice actor, Wally Wingert, posted by a woman who calls herself GloZell. After a bit of investigation, I discovered that GloZell shot three videos of Wingert in his home showing off his collection of memorabilia.

I want to apologize for her chaotic and uninformed comments as well as her poor camera work, but Wingert's collection is interesting enough to make the videos worth watching.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Wally Wingert at San Diego Comic-Con 2007

Wally Wingert's song "Adam West" Version 1

Wally Wingert's song "Adam West" Version 2

Wally Wingert presents
Uncle Davver, the horror host with the most . . .the most . . .err . . .well, YOU figure it out!

To learn more about Wally (No relation to "Wall-E") Wingert's voice acting, go to IMDB, Wikipedia, or Voice Chasers.