I Remember Groucho

When I was in high school, I talked my way into a party by creating an homage to Groucho Marx. I call it an homage, some might call it a blatant rip-off, but what I did was memorize bits of business, snippets of songs, and pieces of pomposity centered on Groucho's appearances in the movies and on television appearances. For that night at that party I would be the one, the only, Groucho Marx! I did not fail miserably, only mildly! Fortunately for the entertainment industry, I opened and closed in the same night.

August 19th marks the 30th Anniversary of the death of Groucho Marx, which was over-shadowed by the death of Elvis Presley as reported by Mark Evanier here and here.

CBS Sunday Morning created a segment about Groucho which is in print here.

And now, without further ado (because too much adew gets things awfully wet) I present: Groucho Marx. Adieu.

2007-08-19 CBS Sunday Morning

"Duck Soup"

You Bet Your Life October 11, 1956:
Groucho Marx & Lord Buckley

The Dick Cavett Show September 5, 1969: "Lydia, the Tatooed Lady"

"Animal Crackers": "Hello, I Must Be Going"