More Than A Walk In The Park

If you're thinking, "What should I use to make my next Halloween costume POP?" consider Kim Graham's refinement of drywaller's stilts, Digilegs II. At $1,000.00 a pair you'll probably be the only one on your block with them!

Kim Graham

It appears that the original design came from a system developed by Dave and Lou Elsey and used in a Soccer Playing Demon TV commercial for Nike. They were later adapted by Greg Orca as pivoting mechanical leg extensions for the "Farscape" character "Namtar", Series 1 episode 9 "DNA mad scientist" from 1999.

In the following video they are being tested by Adrian Getly on the grounds of Fox Movie Studios, Moore Park in Sydney Australia.

Adrian Getly for "Farscape"


Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day from Groucho Marx


Leonard Maltin's Secret's Out-Dreams With Sharp Teeth

Leonard Maltin discusses the Harlan Ellison documentary, "Dreams With Sharp Teeth," for his series on the ReelZchannel, "Leonard Maltin's Secret's Out."


2009 Tony Awards - The Creamy Filling

West Side Story - Tony Awards 2009

Shrek the Musical - Tony Awards 2009

Mamma Mia - Tony Awards 2009

Guys & Dolls - Tony Awards 2009

Next to Normal - Tony Awards 2009

Billy Elliot the Musical - Tony Awards 2009

Hair - Tony Awards 2009

David Alvarez, Trent Kowalik, & Kiril Kulish accept Tony Award (Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot, the Musical Wins Best Musical at 2009 Tony Awards

Rock of Ages - Tony Awards 2009

Angela Lansbury wins Tony Award 2009 (Blithe Spirit)

Liza Minelli wins 4th Tony Award 2009

Geoffrey Rush wins Tony Award 2009 (Exit the King)

"In Memoriam" - Tony Awards 2009

Jerry Herman - 2009 Tony Lifetime Achievement Award

2009 Tony Awards - Coming and Going

Here are the opening and closing numbers from the 2009 Tony Awards. The creamy center will come later.

2009 Tony Awards Opening

2009 Tony Awards Closing


And Now For Something Completely Different . . .John Cleese

John Cleese Interview, Part 1

John Cleese Interview, Part 2, Parkinson - BBC

John Cleese on Basil Fawlty - Exclusive Interview - BBC Worldwide

The Do's and Don't of Facebook Etiquette

Facebook, Etiqutte, and You!


I Can Stick For Miles And Miles . . .

Would you be willing to use over 87 miles (140km) of sticky tape to make a series of sculptures? An artist in Japan has done just that.

Sticky Tape Sculpture

Brian Regan gives instructions on how to cook a Poptart

Cooking Poptarts with Brian Regan