When That's All You Can Stand . . .

This is from comedian/songwriter Rob Paravonian, the "Pachelbel's Rant" guy. It's a song for the over-sharers, the people who can't use social networking sites in moderation, and one of the reasons I don't use instant messaging. "I Just Want To Hear Less From You" is available on his new CD "Songs From The Second Floor."

"I Just Want To Hear Less From You"

"Pachelbel Rant"

400th Anniversary of Galileo's Telescope

How many other objects can claim to have affected humanity to the extent of Galileo's telescope? How many other objects still have an impact on our lives after 400 years of daily use in one form or another? While Galileo didn't invent the telescope, he was the first to point it at the sky and ask, "What is there beyond the Earth?"

Follow this link to view the New York Times Video of the uncrating of Galileo's 400 year old telescope.