Serendipitous Tourist

The Internet is a serendipitous collage of information and diversions. In plain English, you get sucked in, you're down a rabbit hole, and hours later you wonder where your productivity went.

I've made Mark Evanier's web site, News From ME the start-up page on one of my browsers. Today, Mark has posted a link to a tour of Restaurant Relics in Los Angeles, hosted by writer, Marc Scott Zicree (The Twilight Zone Companion) and I found that short film at Turn Here interesting so I decided to see what they had available for Arizona

They had this for Papago Park,

this for Downtown Phoenix,

this for Mill avenue in Tempe,

and this one for Scottsdale.

Elements of these short films do come off as commercials (especially the Scottsdale film), but it's interesting to look at ourselves as others see us.

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