Popcorn? Pass the Hot Butter!

Gershon Kingsley was born Goetz Gustav Ksinski in Bochum, Westfalia, Germany on October 28,1922. Glossing over Kingsley fleeing from Berlin to Palestine in 1938 due to the rise of Nazism, being separated from his family at age 15, worked and lived on a kibbutz in what later became Israel, he is a self-taught pianist who wrote and performed the 1969 album, Music to Moog By, which included a song named Popcorn. In 1971, Popcorn was rerecorded by Stan Free and his band, Hot Butter, which reached the American pop music charts as the first primarily electronic-based piece of music.

To learn more about Gershon Kingsley go here, or here, or you can go here to listen to 79 versions of Popcorn

Music video for Gershon Kingsley's 1969 original

Stan Free's 1972 version

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  1. 79 versions of Pop Corn! This was a very cool site. I never knew Pop Corn could be played so creatively. Thanks so much for directing us to this site.


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